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      We do large custom orders and small custom orders and everything in between.

      Our clients include:

      • neighborhood block parties
      • corporate teams
      • school faculty and staff
      • theater productions cast and crew
      • foundations
      • zoom birthdays (who knew that was a thing?)
      • family/friend reunions
      • youth groups
      • bar/bat mitzvahs

      We've done Walk Shirts for two people and for 200 people. 

      We create SpiritWear to order, allowing PTA/Os to offer a wide variety of options to their families without needing to deal with pre-purchasing and figuring out what to do with leftover inventory.

      We've partnered with numerous non-profits to create and sell apparel and accessories as a fundraiser. 

      For more information including volume discount pricing, please email us at info@humankind.shop. We can talk about your vision and if you need design assistance, we are happy to give you a quote for that.