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Penelope Carter - Black Futures Matter FounderWe learned about Black Futures Matter, a scholarship program started by 16-year-old Penelope Carter and her family.

Their goal is to achieve equal access to education for all African Americans.

"We believe that knowledge is power, and should never be withheld. It is what we have fought for decades, and we will continue this fight. Everyone deserves the opportunity to excel academically, to learn and try new things, and to live in a world with endless possibilities; one without any limits.

No matter who we are, the color of our skin should never be a determining factor for our entire futures. We are far more advanced and complicated than something as simplistic as the pigment in our skin. We were put on this planet to communicate, to advance, to invent, and to learn. This is our mission, and we won’t rest until the job is complete."

humanKIND is thrilled to be working with Penelope to spread the word about her endeavor supporting Penelope's endeavor. We will be donating $10 from the sale of every shirt sold to her scholarship fund.

#blacklivesmatter #cartersforchange

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